Replacement of machine HMI on Gas Turbine Generator Frame 6

At the PLN Makassar Gas turbine power station, we upgraded two (2) units idos HMI for Frame 6 Gas Turbine.  It is full function interface for the turbogenerator, including the operation, configuration, alarm/event record, data trending.

BACKGROUND. The DOS base Mark_V HMI has been obsoleted, it need to be upgraded or retrofitted in order to interface with the Mark V Control system.

Together with our partner, we provide you a proven, plug and play replacement of <i> machine at PLN Makassar. It built on the advanced VT SCADA platform, provide a complete function to monitor and operate the unit.

Following are some photos took on site.

Generator Excitation System/AVR Replacement

At 2016 and 2018, we replace the OEM static excitation system on the steam turbine generator at PLN Kendari.

With the critical operation requirement, we have include the redundant AVR control, so it could provide the higher system availability, bumpless switchover.

Also included the HMI for operation interface, SOE event/alarm record, data trending.

Customised system, the whole installation & commissioning was completed within 3 days time.


Boiler Tube Leakage Early Detection System CFB Boiler

Due to the CFB boiler operation nature, high abrasion occur in the boiler tube due to circulating of sands and volatile turbulence flow.

With the acoustic sound advanced monitoring system, we detected the boiler tube leakage even up to 1mm hole, much earlier than the process notification.

installation & commissioning was done at 2019.  tube leakage detection was easily identified after system installed.

Steam Turbine Shutdown Protection System Retrofit

In order to have the reliable turbine Safety Trip Protection System, we retrofitted the existing system from control to instrument, raise the safety, reliability to highest.


  • SIL-3 Safety PLC,
  • Turbine 2oo3 Trip Block,
  • 2oo3 Overspeed Protection System,
  • replace the existing MSV actuator.
  • SOE turbine trip event SCADA/HMI workstation