Temperature Sensor – RTD & Thermocouple Assemblies

Temperature measurement direct contact devices, usually refer to two types of sensors.

Thermocouple depends on change in EMF due to change in temperature on sensor which is comprised of two metals connected at a point.

RTD relies on change in resistance with change in temperature of the metal detector. Resistance rises more or less linearly with rise in temperature

TECG offers the ATEX and CE certified Temperature sensors – RTD and Thermocouples with various combinations of length and outer sheath with rapid response to with stand pressure, erosion and vibration environment.

RTD & Thermocouples are manufactured in accordance with national and international standards such as ANSI MC96.1, IEC 584, IEC 751, DIN 43670 class A & B.

Stringent and detailed in-house testing facility.  ATEX and CE certified.

Various type of RTD Options:

    • Simplex / Duplex type MI RTD Assemblies Multipoint RTD
    • Nickel wire RTD
    • RTD with Temperature Transmitter
    • Skin type RTD Assemblies
    • Bearing Temperature Measurement RTD
    • Room Temperature Measurement RTD
    • Retractable Telescopic RTD

Various type of Thermocouple (T/C) Options:

    • J, K, E, T, N, R , S , B type thermocouples
    • Simplex / duplex / triplex element MI Thermocouples
    • MI Thick wall Thermocouples – Aggressive and corrosive environment.
    • Furnace, Kilns application.
    • MI Tube Skin Thermocouple Assemblies
    • Multipoint Thermocouple Assemblies

Temperature Sensing Accessories:

    • Temperature transmitter (4-20mA, HART communication)
    • Panel meter/ loop-powered meter