Temperature Gauge/Thermometer

Temperature is the most frequently measured variable in process industries. Many processes are dependent upon carefully controlled temperature monitoring for their efficient functioning.

Depending on the process, there are few types of temperature measurement range from local temperature gauge, temperate sensor and transmitter. Since accuracy is of paramount importance in temperature measurement, it is extremely important that the temperature instrument is manufactured with the highest degree of precision. ”

We provide a range of temperature gauge or thermometer, manufactured in accordance with latest international Standard ASME B40.200, EN 13190, under technical collaboration with M/s. Gauges Bourdon Ltd. – UK/ France.

International certifications such as CE, ATEX are available.

Several type of thermometer:

Bimetal Dial Thermometer

    • Temperature range of (-) 50°C to 600° C
    • Protection class IP-68, Accuracy ± 1% FSD.

Gas filled Thermometer (for remote monitoring)

    • Wide temperature range (-) 200°C to 800 °C.
    • Any stem length can be offered and capillary length as long as 30 m, without any loss of accuracy.
    • Fast response, high reliability
    • Protection class IP-67, Accuracy ± 1% FSD

Liquid filled Thermometer (for remote monitoring)

    • Temperature range of (-) 30°C to 250°C
    • Minimum immersion length (as low as 30 mm)
    • Protection class IP-67, Accuracy ± 1% FSD