Level Gauge, Switch & Transmitter 

Fluid Level measurement serves a variety of functions in the process industry including:

    • Providing visibility of the process
    • Greater process control
    • Improved safety and compliance

The improved accuracy of level measurement also leads to an improvement in the product quality by reducing the variability in chemical processes.

Direct / Mechanical method: simple measurement of height from datum line, includes float gauge, sight glass and float switch techniques.

TECG offer the robust built level gauge and transmitter for various process level monitoring.  The product is established under technical collaboration with M/s. Gauges Bourdon Ltd. France.

Designed in accordance with ANSI, DIN, JIS and various other international standards- tailored-made level gauges/switches are offered to ensure high strength and longer process life cycles. Various models and combination of design suitable from cryogenic applications to high pressure and high temperature available.

Certifications: CE. SIL 2 for transmitters.

Types of Level Gauge:

    • Reflex Level Gauges
    • Transparent Level Gauges
    • Tubular Level Gauges
    • Magnetic Level Gauges
    • Magnetic Level Gauge with Switch
    • Magnetic Level Gauge with Integrated Level Transmitter
    • Chambers for Guided Wave Radar
    • Float and Tape Level Gauges
    • Float and Board Level Gauges Sight Flow Indicator

Level Transmitter

Types of level transmitter:

    • Displacer type level
    • Magnetic level

Level Switch 

TECG offers float operated level switches with single or multiple floats
(heavy wall floats for critical applications) in single assembly and
weatherproof / flameproof / Ex-proof enclosures, 1 SPDT / 2 SPDT micro
switches / reed switches.

Uniquely customized based on pressure, temperature, density, viscosity,
media/ process applications.


    • Direct Insert Float 0perated Level Switches
    • External Cage Chamber Level Switches
    • Multiport Level Switches – Top Mounted
    • Displacer Type Level Switches
    • Flow Switches