Vibration Transducers

Accelerometers and Velocity Vibration Sensors for all applications

As the distributor for Sensonics, TECG offers a large range of industrial accelerometers and velocity sensors for all types of applications from
general purpose high volume to specialist units designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions.

Our product range has been developed over the years in co-operation with our customers resulting in sensor technology in tune with the applications.

Senturion X – Proximity probes for rotating machinery

The Senturion X range of proximity probe systems consists of a calibrated probe, extension cable and driver. Utilising the eddy current principle, this combination forms a tuned circuit with the target material and variations in probe face to target distance which are detected in this circuit by the driver providing a linearised voltage output proportional to target gap. This measurement system provides highly accurate (to 1 micro meter) vibration and relative positional measurements, for harsh environments up to 180ºC.

    • Measurement ranges from 2.0 mm to 30.0 mm
    • Suitable for shaft vibration, thrust wear, shaft position and speed measurements
    • Universal driver for system lengths of 5 m,7 m and 9 m
    • Double screened cable for high noise immunity with shake proof connection
    • Excellent repeatability on replacement of probe, extension or driver
    • ATEX & IECEx approved and compliant with API 670
    • Direct processed (vibration, position & speed)  4 – 20mA driver options