Safeguard the Turbine from Overspeed and Trip Protection 

Timely, reliable and effectively protection for the steam turbine generator if disturbance triggered from the generator or its auxiliaries, we provide the comprehensive Turbine Protection System.

Some key features of the turbine protection: 

    • Enhance the reliability and availability of the turbine protection control. Provide the traceability of the turbine trip events.
    • Allow the machine to run more safely and shutdown safely during the critical fault.
    • Provide the highly reliable electronic overspeed protection.
    • Automate the main steam valve during start-up and provide reliable trip control

Our Solution includes of:

    • Steam Turbine Protection control. SIL-3 Safety PLC with 1ms SOE .

Customized SIL-3 Safety PLC provide the reliable turbine protective monitoring, ensure turbine trip during critical fault.  Come with the SOE workstation, provide 1ms datalogging feature, to record the trip event.

    • Sensonics SIL-3 OverSpeed Protection Module.

2-out-of-3 voting speed monitoring. To safeguard the steam turbine from Overspeed. Complied to API670 standard.

    • 2-out-of-3 Voting Trip Block.

The proposed 2-out-of-3 voted Trip Block to control and actuate the Main Steam Valve including  the.  Certified IEC 61508 SIL-3.

    • Single Acting, Fail-safe Actuator for Main Steam Valve (MSV).

Fail safe design, single – acting actuator for main steam valve. Integrate with trip Block and start-up directional valve, come with position switches.

Highly reliable, full stroke valve closing is less than 1,000ms.

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