Control Actuation. MOV, Electric & Hydraulic Actuator.

TECG provides the process control modification and upgrading service. We integrate the Instrument Products, control actuation and valve into our offer.

Process automation

    1. Automate the Process control
    2. Pressure monitoring, Temperature monitoring, or Level Monitoring
    3. Valve Control
    4. P&ID loop control, DCS interface

Our services

    1. Data collection
    2. control loop design
    3. Instrument and actuation selection
    4. coupling and interface design
    5. material order
    6. Installation
    7. commissioning

Electric Actuator/MOV

    • On/off type
    • Regulating type
    • Smart type


    • Primary or secondary air fan control
    • Water deaeration control
    • cooling water valve for condenser.
    • Hydro main inlet valve and many more

Hydraulic Actuation



Contact us now, and send us the requirement. Our engineer will provide you with a technical solution.