Hydro Governor Distribution valve

Upgrading/retrofitting the existing hydraulic servo system, including of distributing valve. It can integrate with existing control and new control system.

Some unique feature of the distributing valve:

    • modular design, fast delivery
    • Highly reliable and stable performance
    • Ease to install and maintenance.
    • Large capacity, from 400GPM, 2000GPM flow rate.

Modules/Function it included are: 

    • Proportional Valve with position feedback 65VP.   Receive the control signal from  digital governor.
    • Shutdown solenoid 65S. Control start/stop of unit.
    • Manual shutdown switch. Emergency trip activation locally.
    • Duplex oil filter/w ball valves.  Ensure high quality of oil for servo valve.
    • Distributing valve. Amplify and regulate the wicket gate servo motor position.  Built by purpose for hydro governor. There are two limit nuts on the top of main distributing valve, which can limit the stroke of the piston. From there, the wicket gate servomotor full opening and closing time can be adjusted.