Wiith our partnering with Reivax, we are proud to offer the state-of-art RTX excitation system/voltage regulator (AVR) for full range of power generator.

Reivax Excitation System – RTX

RTX excitation system provide the high performance solutions with advanced control features in an easy-to-install platform.

This cutting-edge solution for Excitation System/Automatic voltage regulator (AVR) is perfect for customers that seek an exceptional cost-benefit ratio.


    • Compact platforms to easily replace aging systems.
    • Exceptional PSS and AVR performance.
    • Reliable operation for all types of synchronous machines
    • Flexible installation and integration solutions
    • Economical solutions with quick delivery and easy.

Since 1991, Reivax has designed and produce the excitation control and more than 2000 system are installed today.


      • Hydroelectric
      • Thermal – Gas & Coal fired
      • Diesel generator


Rich in experience of generator excitation system replacement

Experience in replacing the OEM AVR, like GE Alterex / Althyrex / Amplidyne, Westinghouse WTA / WMA / MGR, Allis Chalmers Regulex, ABB Unitrol P/M,  Siemens Thyripol, Simadyn D, Basler SSE, GEC-Alsthom, Toshiba Analog AVR, and many more.


Application: Excitation with Brushless Exciter for Diesel genset, Steam turbine, Mini Hydro

Excitation Current output: ~ 0 – 20A – 200A

Compact module design

static excitation system (SES) – Direct excitation:

Application: Excitation System Static Excitation (direct)  for steam turbine, gas turbine,  hydroelectric generator ,

Excitation Current output: ~ 200A – 1000A – 2000A

Modular design with key components:

      • Excitation AVR Control,
      • Power Driver,
      • Pre-excitation circuit
      • Excitation breaker 41 AC/DC type,
      • Discharge  circuit.
      • Excitation Transformer


Main Control Functions:
    • Single or Redundant channel for Controls and Power Driver/Thyristor Bridge(s);
    • Four control modes (AUTO, Manual, VAR, and PF Control);
    • Power Systems Stabilizer (IEEE 421.5 PSS2B);
    • Limiters (OEL, V/Hz, UEL, SCL, MEL);
    • Protections (24, 27, 32, 37F, 40/32Q, 50/51, 59, 59F, 76F, 81O)

More features:

    • Reactive current compensation;
    • Three (3) AVR parameter sets for online & offline modes;
    • Bumpless transfer between auto & manual mode;
    • Built-in soft start function;
    • Voltage matching;

Reliable and availability

    • Redundant Voltage regulator Controller
    • Redundant I/O module
    • Redundant thyristor bridges
    • Redundant cooling fans for each thyristor bridge.
    • On-line maintenance can be performed on control & thyristor bridge
User-friendly Interface & Remote Monitoring Access

The RTX comes with the human-machine interface offers the user all the options in a friendly environment and withgreat interactivity  for operation, testing and maintenance. Graphics:

    • Main – Overview
    • Operation
    • Generator Capacity Curve Monitoring
    • Alarm (Sequence of event, 1ms time sampling)
    • Data trending
Remote Communication & Time Synchronisation

Capable for remote communication with most DCS/PLC, SCADA and HMI.

Standard  Communication Protocols:

    • Modbus TCP 
    • Modbus RTU

Optional Communication Protocols: 

    • DNP3.0
    • IEC 60870-5-104
    • IEC 61850 – MMS
    • IEC 60870-5-101

Time Synchronism

    • IRIG – B
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