With collaboration with Reivax, we are proud to offer the state-of-art hydroelectric turbine speed governor system for all type applications.

Speed Governor – RVX CONTROL

The RVX Governor Control offers state-of-art control for both new and retrofit hydro power plants.

The RVX Control is also compatible with all major turbine OEMs and can be used on:

    • Francis turbine
    • Kaplan turbine
    • Pelton turbine
    • bulb turbine and customized projects for special turbines.
Experience of Reivax

Reivax has been supplying digital control systems to the power generation
industry since 1991 and has currently has more than 1,100 systems in operation.

Proven and Complied to the particular International standards

    • IEEE Std 125 IEEE Recommended Practice for Preparation of Equipment Specifications for Speed-Governing of Hydraulic Turbines Intended to Drive Electric Generators
    • IEEE Std 1207 IEEE Guide for the Application of Turbine Governing Systems for Hydroelectric Generating Units
    • IEEE Std 1020 Guide for Control of Hydroelectric Power Plants
    • IEC: 60308 International Code for Testing of Speed Governing System for Hydraulic Turbines.
    • IEC 61362 Guide to Specification of Hydraulic Turbine Control Systems

The Hydro Governor Control System consists of following components: 

    • Digital governor controller with an Automatic and a Manual channel;
    • A user friendly graphical HMI touch screen and remote SCADA workstation
    • Pilot valve electro-hydraulic interface manifold
    • Distributing Valve
    • Speed sensors and servomotor position sensors;
    • Mechanical overspeed protection switch

Reliable and availability

The RVX control can easily upgrade to redundant option for demanding application, increase the reliability and availability of the system:

    • Redundant Digital controller
    • Redundant I/O module
    • On-line maintenance can be performed on controls while the redundant system is in operation.
    • Redundant speed sensor, position sensor
Main control functions:
    • Speed Control (Isochronous, Droop)
    • Active Power Control
    • Opening Control
    • Manual control;
    • Tracking function, Bumpless transfer between control modes;
    • Automatic start and stop sequence control
    • Hydraulic servo control and monitoring
    • Opening Limiters
    • Creep detector
    • Auxiliaries control (HPU, bypass valve)
    • Step test response, part of AGC

**Other functionalities can be added upon request.**

GOVErnor Control Software & Service Tools:
    • Operation;
    • Sequence Of Events (SOE);
    • Data logging;
    • Trending;
    • Meetering;
    • Simulator;
    • Parameter settings for control and limiter functions.

Sequence of events (SOE)

The Sequence of event function allows the user to record events with a 1ms sampling rate. The register holds 3,000 events. As new events are being added, the oldest ones will be overwritten.
The internal clock of the MultiCan provides the time stamp. The clock can be synchronized by satellite.


The function can record 20 users defined signals based on a user selectable trigger signal. Recording window is selectable and could be both pre- and post- trigger. The information is saved and can later be viewed in either graphic or table format.


The simulator software allows the user to verify any changes done to the system prior to downloading the parameters to the machine.

On-line parameter viewing

The software allows the user to view values of each input and output of a function block in order to validate logic changes in the software.


Upgrading/retrofitting the existing hydraulic servo system, including of distributing valve. It can integrate with existing control and new control system.

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We provide the mechanical overspeed switch to protect the hydraulic turbine from overspeed damage.

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