Operation & Maintenance Training


The more your operation team understands about your machinery system, the more effective they will be in maintaining your machineries. Our training programs can improve your staff’s knowledge and their ability to operate and maintain the systems in both preventive maintenance and fault troubleshooting.  Our qualified instructors offer specialized instructional programs at either your operational site or at our corporate training facilities.

We offers

  • Standard courses,
  • Custom courses, and
  • Close-loop training simulator.

Our Standard Courses:

Provide complete operations and maintenance instruction for a variety of control system solutions and applications. 

  • a)      Operational and system maintenance of Woodward Turbomachinery Controller
  • b)      Operational and system maintenance of Woodward Engine Controller
  • c)      Principles and applications of gas turbine power generating systems
  • d)      Principles and applications of steam turbine power generating systems
  • e)      Principles and applications of hydro turbine power generating systems
  • f)        Principles and applications of diesel engine power
  • g)      Principles and applications of reciprocating engine and compressors
  • h)      Principles and applications of gas compression systems
  • i)        Principles and applications of generator excitation controls and systems
  • j)        Principles and applications of power management systems for industrial plant  

Covers the machine type

  • ·         Frame Gas turbine, i.e. GE Frame 3, 5, & 6 and Solar Centaur and Saturn
  • ·         Aero-derivative Gas turbine, i.e. GE LM2500, LM5000, LM6000, and Allison 501 series
  • ·         Radial Gas Turbine, i,e Kongsberg KG2
  • ·         Industrial Steam turbine including Backpressure, Condensing,  Single and Double Extraction types of turbine
  • ·         Electric Generator, including Static and Brushless excitation types of generator
  • ·         Centrifugal compressor including Single Compressor Loop, Multi Compressor Load Sharing and Multi-Section Side Stream type of compressor train
  • ·         Hydroelectric turbine including Francis, Kaplan, and Pelton type of turbine
  • ·         Diesel engine generator, including Low Speed Two-Stroke and Medium Speed Four-Stroke type of engine,i.e. MAN B&W 12K80MC-S, Sulzer 16VAZ series
  • ·         Gas engine generator, including Medium speed and High speed type of engine.


Hands-on Equipment Simulation Training systems

Our unique simulation capability provides you with the opportunity to significantly enhance the effectiveness of training while at the same time serving as an extremely useful engineering tool which emulate the same characteristics of your actual equipment control systems.

Scenario uses the same control graphics, logic systems and operational software as the control system you are familiar with but in a much more compact and easy way to maintain computer package.

Closed loop simulator will deliver its effectiveness in providing operator training and system qualification programs. It also offers testing of control logic, developing system procedures, and for both system validation and acts as a complete test bed for systems improvement.


Training for Special Customer Needs

These programs can beconveniently offered at your facility and are developed to meet your specific equipment training needs.  We are able to modify a current program or help in the development of completely new courses which meet the specific content needs of your project systems and production requirements.