Power System Protection Studies

Protection is an essential part of Power System. Power Protection System analysis and consultancy help to ensure a reliable and well protected power system which limits the power system outage and related damages, and ensures a fast restoration of service.

We provide professional Protection System consultancy both for industries and utilities through our experienced engineers.

Professional services we offered for Generator & Power system Protection

Our primary focus is to provide professional service for the generator & power protection system. Some key services we offered:

  • Relay Setting Calculations
  • Wide Area Coordination Studies
  • Protection system Replacement/ Modernization
  • Fault analysis
  • Transient Analysis
  • Relay testing
  • Teaching/Mentoring
  • Load Flow and Voltage Studies
  • Power Quality Analysis


Protection Relay Setting Studies

We develop relay settings for all types of protective relays in protection of all types of power system equipment from nuclear generator protection down to distribution reclosers.  We will adhere to your company policies on application of protection or in their absence we apply methodologies that meet or exceed recognized industry standards and practices. 

We also provide review of existing settings for adherence to

  • NERC PRC-001 and PRC-023 reliability standards.
  • IEEE Protective Relaying Standard

We cover Generator, Feeder. Substation & Transmission Line Protection.

We will generate a study report including of the system data, fault level calculation, settings schedule and recommendations.