Boiler Tube leakage Early Detection System

Boiler Tube Leakage (BTL) Detection system detects the leak and provide warning system to the user, to prevent unplanned shutdown to the operation.

Prevent unplanned shutdown from the boiler tube leakage

In the thermal power station, the coal fired boiler are made up of thousands of boiler tube. It carries the high-pressure steam running across the boiler.

Many of the users are facing the challenge in between reduction of operating cost and reliability of operation. The boiler tube leakage is one of the common issues in both PC and CFB Boiler.

Some common boiler leakage driving factors:

    • In the PC boiler, the excessive high FEGT operation cause the boiler tube of early thermal degradation.
    • In the CFB boiler, the high abrasion of circulating sands and volatile turbulence flow, lead to the boiler tube leakage situation.


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Benefits of Boiler Tube Leakage Early Detection System

    • Early detection of boiler tube leakage will minimise the boiler damage
    • Advanced notice of leak problems to minimize costs of damage and repair
    • Controllable downtimes for repairs to lower operation replacement costs (Planned shutdown for repair)

Key Features

We provide the Automatic Boiler tube leakage early detection system that gives an early warning of the tube leaks up to 1mm and few days in advance.

Principle of Operation

Using the principle of acoustic monitoring, various acoustic signals are collected from the furnace and converted into current signals. The detection and alarm system analyzes the spectrum of the acoustic signal by fast Fourier transform technology (FFT) and displays it in the form of a bar graph. The analysis of noise intensity, spectral characteristics and duration determines whether the boiler tube leaks.

Advanced leakage monitoring system features the precise location monitoring, self diagnostic, long term trending and alarm features.

Acoustic Sound Sensor & Soundguide Tube

Install the Sound guide tube along the boiler wall and Acoustic sound sensor pickup the sound around the boiler. typically 20-30 sensors are installed for one system, depends the site of the boiler.

Typically specification of sensor.

    • Sensitivity: >25mV/Pa can detect small leaks <1mm, alarm 2~3 days earlier than the usual method
    • Detection range: radius ≤ 12 meters hemisphere space
    • Working temperature: -25 ° C ~ +105 ° C
    • Continuous running time: > 30,000 hours
    • Power supply: single power supply, DC+12V lower power consumption, lower voltage drop
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