Boiler FEGT Measurement. INFRA-VIEW Thermometer

Furnace Exit Gas Temperature (FEGT) monitoring is a critical parameter,  which can be used to preserve the boiler operation and performance including, emission, reliability, and safety.

For many years the utility industry has been actively involved in developing more accurate instrumentation, analysis methods, and performance improvement techniques for the fire side parameters control.

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Infra-View boiler FEGT Measurement & Monitoring

Infra-View Infrared Boiler Thermometer is a patented, remote sensing infrared detector, supplied with a rugged protective-cooling jacket that can be permanently flange mounted into the boiler or furnace for FEGT measurement.

It give a direct and non-contact infrared temperature measurement with high accuracy, reliable and low maintenance features. More than 1500 installation worldwide, proven solution.


Find out more of  INFRA-VIEW FEGT measurement at following video.


Furnace exit gas temperature (FEGT) is one important design/operating parameter to monitor the boiler combustion. By installing Infra-view FEGT Sensor, user can benefit from

    • Protect the boiler tube & refractory from damage.

Excessive high FEGT can damage refractory and increase the rate boiler tube corrosion, and eventually lead boiler tube leakage.

    • Monitor & tuning the furnace combustion condition.

Optimise the combustion residence time of large utility boilers by controlling the  fuel and air.  Optimising the fuel and air inputs to the furnace is first criteria to manage furnace slagging condition.

    • Slagging/ Fouling control

Maintain the FEGT below the ash fusion temperature to minimize the slagging and fouling condition

    • Fireball center monitoring/control.

In the tangentially-fired furnace, we will install two, up to eight sensors  to identify fireball centring condition. It also help in identifying the fuel air  in-balance condition.

INFRA-VIEW® FEGT Measurement Principle of Operation

Direct infrared temperature measurement of the exit gas temperature gives the accurate, and reliable, hassle free measurement.

The Infra-View® sensor detects the heated CO2 gas created in a boiler or furnace as a by-product of the combustion process, when fossil fuels are burned, such as coal, natural gas, oil, lignite and Orimulsion.

The infrared spectral response of the Infra-View® sensor is preset specifically to detect CO2 infrared energy by using a thin film thermopile,  which is a spectral filter designed to block out all other wavelengths of infrared emissions.

Since the Infra-View detector is sensitive to only the hot CO2 gas spectrum, it can measure the average, high or low temperature of the CO2  gas directly within the field of view.  

Monitor the Main furnace area

Advantages of Infra-View for FEGT Measurement

    • High Accuracy
    • Non contact sensor – No moving part or physical contact with the hot gas.
    • Low Maintenance and High reliability
    • Proven solution – more than 1500 units installed