Since early 90’, America and Europe has started to develop the Greener Combustion Technology for coal fired power station, in order to operate the thermal power station in more efficient and greener way.

By putting together the advanced monitoring solution and application knowledge, TECG Control targets to optimise the boiler operation by reducing emission, optimise the combustion and lead to higher efficiency.

These advanced monitoring solution and innovative technologies focus to address:

    • high Furnace Exit Gas Temperature (FEGT). Advanced furnace thermometer provide temperature measurement across the boiler
    • fuel-air imbalances. unbalanced coal flow distribution and poor air flow control, lead to low yield combustion
    • excessive primary air flow.  Contribute to poor fuel distribution and coal fineness High primary airflow
    • frequent changes of coal feed.  due to supply feedstocks changes, operation need to tune the boiler more frequently. Continuous process optimisation needed.