About us

TECG Control is a power control solution company. Focus in providing the solution including of excitation system, governor control, power protection relay, power system stabiliser.  Also for  smart boiler combustion, we provide FEGT monitoring, boiler tube leakage detection, coal flow balancing, and combustion analyser.

Our Goal – Provide a Greener Energy

Our goal is be the part of efforts in providing the greener energy to the power industry, reduce emission and increase power station operation efficiency.

Power Plant Control System Modernisation Hydroelectric Power Station System Modernisation

Many of the hydro power stations are built more than 20 years ago. The control system installed are mainly mechanical analog system.  TECG Control can provide the control system modernisation solution, like drive by wire design. From the excitation system, synchronising system, hydro governor control, overspeed protection, vibration monitoring, servo actuation, HPU, plant automation, SCADA, remote monitoring and power efficiency monitoring. We are partner with REIVAX to provide the excitation system and governor control to this South East Asia region, including Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam.

Boiler Combustion Optimisation

Boiler Combustion optimisation often related to the combustion temperature in the furnace and air fuel optimising.

Product Distribution – Instruments

We also distribute instruments product, like pressure gauge, pressure switch, blind pressure switch, temperature gauge, temperature switch, thermocouple, RTD, temperature sensor, flow meter, flow elements, level gauge, level switch and transmitter.

We are collaborate with the General Gauge to provide the whole range of measuring instruments.

Our team

We have a group of operation and technical personnel  to provide the customer support and project execution.

Our Offices

Headquartered at Singapore, and regional offices at Malang, Indonesia.  TECG Control offers some unique advantages to our industrial customers. Our dynamic and resourceful team members are dedicated to deliver a customer-oriented solution with their versatile engineering and manufacturing capabilities.

Be it an one-time servicing of your equipment or an all-inclusive maintenance and support program, TECG Control is your truly partner in the maintenance, protection and profitability of your power station and turbomachinery .