Power Management System

TECG Control is offering a widely range of Power Management System (PMS) for industrial, commercial application. Our engineers have rich experience in providing the PMS solution for the industrial power plant in this region.

Being the ComAp System Integrator , we are using ComAp proven power management control which had applied on thousands of installation, and it also can customize the logic with the PLC features. It provides robust control functionality, with advantage of hardware delivery time, and reduces the engineering efforts.  

We have extensive knowledge in industrial power plant application, including

  • Multiples gensets parallel and loading sharing
  • Utility paralleling with peak shaving, 
  • Utility parallel with import/export control,
  • Load or process dependent start/stop units,
  • Auto Main Failure (AMF)/ standby,
  • Plant Load Shedding

Apart from the industrial power, we also provide PMS for 

  • Island prime power
  • Marine ship/shore power.


     Example of Industrial Power Plant PMS Application




GeCon controllers provide comprehensive generator protection and power management control for single or multiple generators based on field proven controller.


We provide the advanced, highly accurate automatic synchronizing system for various type of power stations.




InteliGen - Complex Parallel Gen-set Controller

InteliGen is a comprehensive controller for both single and multiple gen-sets operating in standby or parallel modes.



InteliMains - Mains Parallel Control

InteliMains is designed for multiple (up to 31) gen-sets operating in parallel to mains. The controller connects the group of gen-sets to the mains. It can serve as a bus-tie synchronizing controller between two groups of gen-sets or as a feeder controller.




InteliMain comes with Integrated PLC programmable functions,  Load shedding requirement can be programmed in the same controller with seamless integration.



The InteliLite range offers a wide choice of integrated control solutions for gen-sets operating in single standby mode. Based on the field proven InteliLite architecture, the family of controllers fulfills every requirement from simple to complex and AMF to MRS applications – with specific models providing modem and internet control, user configuration and complete gen-set monitoring and protection.


InteliMonitor is a free SCADA SW for visualization of data in process applications. It can be customized to create visualization of individual systems as well as producing automatically generated screens using the supplied templates.