Power Protection Relay/IED

We are providing the protection system replacement & modernisation of the legacy system.

Many electric system operators need to modernize their protection and control systems in their existing facilities. By taking advantage of the flexibility, data recording, and self-diagnostic capabilities of microprocessor-based relays, we offers the case configurations to customer/end user that are designed to fit in same space as a direct replacement of existing protection system. With this upgrading, it can improve the system reliability and decrease maintenance and operating costs. 

Services we including are

  • protection relay selection,
  • relay settings calculation,
  • relay panel design & manufacturing,
  • testing and installation support.

We provide fully integrated and engineered power protection system to protect your critical assets.




Protect the critical equipment from damage, failure and costly repairs, TECG Control are offering the SEL Generator Protection Relay (GPR) in our solution. Often the analog or analog mechanical protection relay has been obsolete or facing support issue.