Servo Actuation/HPU

TECG Control provide a full range of electro-hydraulic actuation for turbomachinery application, to retrofit existing mechanical-hydraulic actuating system or simply buying a spare parts. With the collaboration with Voith for the aftermarket solution, we are proud to offer the following remarkable and field proven actuation product from Voith. 

Some of the key Voith products we offered as following,

  • I/H-Converter,
  • I/H Redundant Converter.
  • WSR Way Valve,
  • WSM Way Valve Module (redundant WSR way valve),
  • TSM Trip Safety Module (turbine 2-o-o-3 trip block), 
  • Servomotor


Actuation Upgrading/Modernization

We provide the retrofit actuation solution for the critical turbomachineries with the Voith products. 

Typical Application:

  • Turbine Steam Valve
  • Turbine Trip Valve
  • Compressor, Inlet Guide Vane

Our services:

  • Design/Selection
  • System integration
  • Installation & commissioning.



The Voith Trip Shut-off Module TSM 2-o-o-3 (2-out-of-3) is a high availability electro-hydraulic unit that ensures safe and reliable actuation of trip valves on gas and steam turbines for all power classes. The TSM is particularly suited for new plants and is also ideal as a retrofit.

Redundant version of I/H converter, functioning as an extended arm of a redundant control system, for positioning steam control valves with maximum availability.



A way valve module consists of two way valves connected in parallel. Working in conjunction with a hydraulic cylinder, the way valve converts a constant input pressure into a variable stroke. Highest Reliablility and Availability:  Online replacement and redundant configuration


Servomotors Used for Driving Control Valves, the Economical Solution for Steam Turbines

Voith servomotors master the immense forces necessary to adjust live and extraction steam valves of steam turbines. The steam mass flows are controlled precisely and in case of load shedding they are blocked quickly and reliably.

We tailor made the actuator to replace any existing OEM steam valve actuator. 

Replace the Woodward TM25 actuator with Voith Standard actuator SMR-A140002. With the stronger magnet force effects a non-sensitive contamination behavior of Voith actuator.

Direct replacement of TM25 actautor with fail safe design, non-sensitive to the oil contamination, highly accuracy, and fast response.




A Voith Turbo WSR way valve (fuel-quantity positioner) is an electrically-controllable directional control valve, consisting of force-controlled solenoids and a 3/3-WSR way valve hydraulic unit for single-acting cylinders or 4/3-WSR way valve hydraulic unit for dual-acting cylinders.






Electro-hydraulic Voith I/H converters and WSR way valves are the ideal economic solution for controlling hydraulic positioning cylinders. This enables a valve to regulate the mass flow (e.g. steam) in a precise and highly dynamic manner.


We provide compact hydraulic power unit for the steam turbine hydraulic servo actuation and hydro turbine wicket gas control.

Retrofit the existing  trip solenoid (dump valve) to the SIL-3 Trip Shut-off Module (TSM) for 2 units steam turbine compressor train.

Uncompromise Reliability Requirement

To upgrade the existing WSR to a redundant, parallel working way valve WSR for the servomotor actuation on the critical application.  

Existing Servomotor SMR-A12402 is a single acting cylinder with the single coil, WSR way valve. The upgrading work will replace the single coil to a parallel coil, WSM.




Retrofit the existing Askania Stator Blade Controller to the New Stator Blade Controller by TECG Control.

Two servo positioner (WSR Way Valve from Voith) is included in the package, to provide a redundant configuration in servo control.