Fuel Valve

Fuel Valve Upgrades and Retrofit

Replacing the existing hydraulic powered/controlled actuator (it can be quite problematic and inefficient), move on to precise and simpler full eletric driven actuator (no more hydraulic oil leaking problem and hydraulic power unit maintenance).  We are providing the completed skid or partial upgrade fuel valve upgrades as following. We will also take care of interface with existing controller and minor fuel control logic if is any.

Liquid Fuel

  • Liquid bypass valve
  • Liquid fuel pump
  • Liquid Shufoff valve

Gas Fuel

  • Gas metering valve
  • Gas shutoff valve




Through our partner with Voith, we are offering the gas fuel valve retrofit solution for the heavy frame gas turbine machine. It provides the precise, instant response, and fail-safe feature to the fuel valve control.

We provide the air/gas blow off valve retrofit and selection service.