ComAp - Power Management


ComAp is a dynamic international company with a solid reputation for delivering innovative electronic solutions to the power generation, industrial engine and equipment markets. By providing customers with state-of-the-art products, ComAp has built a name for delivering excellent reliability and good value.

ComAp deliver creative engineering solutions for the power generation and combustion engines applications electronics sector.  ComAp control systems include a family of

  • gen-set controller
  • generator controller and
  • engine controllers.

ComAp branded products offer comprehensive control, complete engine management, remote monitoring and total protection of controlled technology.

TECG Control is the ComAp system integrator, we are building the power management solution by using ComAp proven power management control which had applied on thousands of installation, and it also can customize the logic with the PLC features. It provides robust control functionality, with advantage of hardware delivery time, and reduces the engineering efforts.