Industrial (Captive) Power Plant

Industrial Power Plant is also our primarily focus, we provide comprehensive machinery control solution to optimize the plant output, enhance the performance, and save the energy.

In the industrial power plant, often it is cogeneration units. A power plant that burns fuel to produce steam and electricity used in the operation. It can be either coal plant, gas plant and diesel plants with prime mover of steam turbine, gas turbine, or diesel engine generators.

Our team has extensive experience in this area, including application such as:

  • Industrial gas turbine generator, for both frame and aero-derivative machine
  • Industrial Steam turbine generator, with extraction and process control 
  • Low & medium speed diesel engine generator
  • Medium speed gas engine generator

We provide reliable, cost effective turbomachinery and engine control. Our turbo-machinery and engine control applications are created according to unit specifications and OEM requirements.  This is to ensure that there is total compatibility with our tailored software packages while we enabled the safe automated startup and shutdown sequences programmed into the control. 

Apart from the prime mover control, we provides integrated power and automation control including the generator excitation, protection, and integrated power management system.