Hardware, Spare Parts Supply

We can supply you with a full range of original or field tested replacement parts that will fit to your system’s needs.  Just contact us with the list of  parts that you required and our service staff will find the correct parts or replacement items for your system.


Supervisory System, Maintenance, Diagnostic and Operation Interface

A computer-based operator interface, that provides operators with a full spectrum of machinery information as well as operating as an annunciator, data logger, and trending package.



TECG is offering a high performance integrated turbomachinery system for safe and cost-effective turbomachinery operation. It combines all individual components, including turbine governor control, turbine protection, turbine auxiliaries, and overspeed protection, into a single system and offers high functional safety and flexibility. 

Comprehensive machinery protection is essential, TECG Control is proud to offer the machinery potection system, Overspeed Protection (OSP) and  vibration and displacement sensors.







Wiith our partnering with Reivax, we are proud to offer the state-of-art excitation system for both new and retrofit market. 

Reivax has already more than 1,100 systems installed in large and small power plants all around the world. The hardware and software of the system can be customized to meet specific functionality and can be scaled up to an output of 10,000 Adc.

We are providing the protection system replacement & modernisation of the legacy system.

We cover Generator, Feeder. Substation & Transmission Line Protection.

We will generate a study report including of the system data, fault level calculation, settings schedule and recommendations.

TECG Control is offering a widely range of Power Management System (PMS) for industrial, commercial application. Our engineers have rich experience in providing the PMS solution for the industrial power plant in this region.




TECG Control provide a full range of electro-hydraulic actuation for turbomachinery application, to retrofit existing mechanical-hydraulic actuating system or simply buying a spare parts.




We provide the field intrumentation products for speed sensor, position sensor, pressure transmitter, pressure switch, RTD, temperature transmitter, flow transmitter, level gauge and ect, from proven OEM from USA and Europe.