Advanced Air Flow Monitoring











Correct air flow measurement is an essential for boiler operation. Operator monitor the excess air flow, supply through the classic technology. 

Current problem: 

  • Clogging of the pitot tube measurement due to the dusty environment
  • unstable reading during plant startup 
  • high maintenance cost and time.

TECG offers the direct Air Mass Flow measurement in providing the accurate and robust engineered airflow monitoring to measure:

  • Primary air flow
  • Secondary air flow
  • Overfire air, 
  • Flue gas recirculation (FGR) 
  • Induced or Forced draft fan monitoring
  • Preheat air to boiler  
  • individual burner airflow measurement.


Advantages & Features:

  • Highly accurately. Standard accuracy is +/– 0.5% of Full Scale. Repeatability is 0.2%
  • No dust clogging problem 
  • Cost effective solution 
  • No need flow computer, provide mass flow, temperature in one simple transmitter. 
  • auto-calibration features 



  • Features in-situ“Field Zero Calibration Check”of sensor’s performance – verifies that the sensor is clean, and assures that there is no drift, or shift in the flow meter.
  • High contrast photo-emissive OLED display with numerical Flow Rate,Total and Temperature, as well as Graphical Flow Indicator
  • Calibration milliwatts (mw) is continuously displayed, providing for ongoing diagnostics
  • Measures velocities as high as 35000 SFPM 
  • Proprietary digital sensor drive circuit provides enhanced signal stability and unaffected by process temperature & pressure changes
  • Modbus® compliant RS485 RTU communications (HART ™ optional) and Isolated 4-20 mA output and pulsed output of Totalized Flow.
  • Standard accuracy is +/– 0.5% of Full Scale +/– 1% of reading with a turn-down of 100to1 and resolution as much as 1000 to 1. Repeatability is 0.2%.