Furnace Exit Gas Temperature (FEGT) Monitoring


Infra-View® Infrared Boiler Thermometer is a patented, remote sensing infrared detector, supplied with a rugged protective-cooling jacket that can be permanently flange mounted on any port, door or penetration into the boiler or furnace.






In addition, a portable version can be configured to be used for on-site testing purposes in order to maximize boiler efficiency.


Some Typical Monitoring of Boiler Application: 

  • Infrared Boiler Thermometer

  • Boiler Thermometer

  • Boiler Temperature Monitoring

  • Flue Exit Gas Temperature

  • Furnace and Gas Temperature Monitoring

  • FEGT

  • Temperature Profiling

  • Gas Temperature Monitoring




Infra-View® can optimize your boiler by monitoring flue gas temperatures for: Startup, Sootblower and Slag Control; Low NOx; Fire Ball Centering; FEGT Monitoring.