Coal Quality (CV) Online Analyser

 GammaScan - Natural Gamma Ash Analyser

In order to have a better visibility of the coal quality, TECG is providing the Online Coal Quality Analyzer.  Coal is the fuel source to the Coal Fired Boiler. However, the coal quality varies even is in the same shipment.  Many user only having the information by sampling.However, this data could be insufficient and mean to have error. As such, we are providing the state-of-the-art coal online quality analyzer, to provide an online monitoring data to the user.  


Some Key Benefits when you have an Online Coal Quality Data: 

Tracking coal quality impacts 

  • Faster Troubleshooting 
  • More accurate heat rate reporting
  • Real-time market timing 
  • Safer usage of opportunity fuels


Feedback for realistic quality adjustments

  • Requires continuous analysis at receiving point
  • Trend is toward vendor analysis at shipping point

Close loop monitoring

  • Improved maintenance predictions, plant diagnostics


As the name suggests, this analyser measures the natural background radiation from the coal.

This analyser is designed for larger belt widths 1350 to 2400mm wide. It can be installed on smaller belts however it needs at least 100kg/m of coal on the belt for accurate measurement.

On its own the GammaScan also provides two outputs, % Ash instantaneous and % Ash Tons weighted.

In this photo you can see the MoistScan analyser installed next to the GammaScan.

By combining the ash measurement with moisture, tonnage and the DAFV (Dry Ash Free Value) of the coal CV can accurately be determined to output the following;

  • % Ash Instantaneous
  • % Ash Tons weighted
  • % Moisture
  • GCV Value