Retrofit Mechanical Governor & Servo Positioner





TECG Control provide a full range of electro-hydraulic actuation for turbomachinery application, to retrofit existing mechanical-hydraulic actuating system or simply buying a spare parts. We offer the following remarkable and field proven products from Europe manufacturer.


Retrofit the existing OEM complex servo positioner (usually it consists of pilot valve, servo amplifier; follow up valve, mechanical feedback, ect).

What’s the disadvantage?

  • Old arrangement with pilot valve and mechanical feedback which obviously has a lot of hysteresis.
  • Low control accuracy and slow in response (speed fluctuation, MW fluctuation). Process takes time to stabilize.

What application?

Turbomachinery control valve that accurate and instantaneous response, reliability and availability that matters. 

  • Steam Valve actuation. governing valve, extraction valve, HP valve, LP Valve
  • Compressor Actuation. Inlet guide vane (IGV), Variable stator blade (VSV), recycle valve, blow-off valve.  

Offers electro-hydraulic actuation:

  • I/H Converter
  • SIL-3 Linear servo actuator & Rotary servo actuator - Single acting & double acting. 
  • 2-Out-Of-3 (2-O-O-3) Trip Block/Valve
  • Steam Governing Valve Actuator
  • Duplex oil filter
  • Duplex Hydraulic power unit(HPU)


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