Steam Turbine Control

Industrial steam turbines represent one of the largest populations of prime movers in the world.

They can be categorized into one of the following options dependent upon the application in question.

We promote implementation of essential turbo-machinery controls on the highly available controller platform with SIL-2 or SIL-3 certified controller.

With using the renowned PLC(Allen Bradley) , it can provides all Turbomachinery Control & Protection functions in one platform. Including of: 

  • Turbine Governor Control
  • TUrbine Protection 
  • 2-o-o-3 Overspeed Protection Module
  • Compressor Control 

With choices of control configuration depends on operation criticalness:

  • Simplex,
  • Redundant
  • TMR 

With the field proven software, our control systems provide the protection for your systems without sacrificing any of your production requirements. It comes with an easy-to-use configuration with IEC-61131 programming language.

Steam Turbine Control Features

  • Speed control
  • Load control
  • Turbine parameters (inlet pressure, induction pressure, extraction pressure, exhaust pressure)
  • Driven-equipment/process parameters (pressure/flow, temperature, level, speed)

TECG Control focuses on the control requirements on each application  and providing the complete, cost effective system to improve the current asset the customer have.

Offers Solution in Various Turbine Application :

  • Direct condensing steam turbine
  • Extraction steam turbine
  • Double extraction steam turbine
  • Back pressure steam turbine
  • and combination of application, i,e, MP extraction with LP backpresure steam turbine

At the sametime, field instruments and governing actuation upgrade are parts of our solution to improve the turbine system to better reliability, flexibility and efficiency to operate.