Power Management System

TECG Control is offering a wide range of Power Management System (PMS) for industrial, commercial application. Our engineers have rich experience in providing the PMS solution over a decade by using the proven off-the-shelf products.
Being the ComAp System Integrator , we are using ComAp proven power management control which have applied on thousands of installation, and it also can customize the control logic with the PLC features. It provides robust control functionality, with advantage of hardware delivery time, and reduces the engineering efforts.  

Our typical field applications includes

  • Industrial power plant

       Utility parallelling with peak shaving, 

       Utility parallelling with import/export control,

       Load or process dependent start/stop units,

       Auto Main Failure (AMF)/ standby,

  • Island prime power

       Island Resort Remote Power

       Offshore Platform Remote Power

  • Marine ship/shore power.

       Vessel Power Management


Some Key Features of the Integrated Power Plant Management

  • Master Operator Interface (HMI)

       Central Power Plant Control & monitoring

       Unit Genset control, monitoring and diagnostic. 

  • Gensets control, monitoring and diagnostic. 

       Auto synchronising

       Setpoint/mode of operation control

       Change mode of load operation (Baseload, Export/Import)

       Change mode of frequency control (Droop, isochronous, load sharing)

       Change mode of voltage control (Droop, isochronous, load sharing)

       Unit Generator online data monitoring 

  • Load Management

       Active and Reactive Power Control.

       Power Sharing.

       Soft loading/unloading

       Load shedding

       Spinning reserve calculation

       Start inhibit/Availability indication

       Distributed network & control & monitoring

       Transformer and Tap changer Control.

       Circuit breaker Control with integration of protection relays.  

  • Auxiliaries Plant Control

       Auxiliary Motor Control with integration of Motor Control Centers.