Machinery Protection System

Continuous protection and monitoring is an essential requirement for critical rotating plant in many areas of industry. Whether you are generating power, pumping essential fluids or driving process equipment – it’s vital to monitor the machine dynamic behaviour through the measurement of vibration, speed, expansion and temperature, in addition to other parameters.

We proudly offer the Sentry G3 Machinery Protection from Sensonics, UK. Sentry G3 is a high performance sensor conditioning and monitoring system. It provides a universal platform for the interfacing of various sensor types to meet with the demanding application of rotating machine protection with wide application.



Key applications:

  • Overspeed Protection complied to API670 and SIL-3 standard
  • Vibration Monitoring complied to API670 standard

Sentry G3 

Sentry G3 provides up to four measurement channels. These can be independently programmed to provide continuous monitoring and protection facilities across a broad spectrum of sensor regimes, including:

  • Absolute and Relative Vibration
  • Shaft and Valve Position
  • Speed, Phase and Reverse Rotation
  • Differential and Casing Expansion
  • Shaft Eccentricity
  • Differential Ramp Expansion
  • Rotor / Stator Air Gap
  • Temperature and Process






Features & Benefits

  • Versatile and powerful - Universal monitoring module (only 1 part no)
  • High integrity and scaldable - Each channgel is configured, running, and
    the resulting alarm relay and analogue output facilities remain independent from the other module functionality.
  • Easy access - Each module is provided with an intuitive colour LCD display and menu drive facility to provide immediate viewing access to the machine parameters. Several modes of display are available including bar graph, FFT and alarm historian.
  • Reliable and proven solution - API670 Compliant


Bently BN3300 Replacement.

No matter is the new installation or replace your existing Bently BN3300 system. Send us your requirement or existing BN3300 info. We will generate a quote with Sensonics Sentry G3 system.

Vibration Sensors

We also offer wide range of vibration sensors for industrial and critical application, includes: 

  • Accelerometers
  • Velocity Transducers – Self Generating
  • Proximity Probe Systems
  • Linear Variable Displacement Transducers (LVDT)