Compressor Control

Typically, the only way to prevent surge is to recycle or blow-off a portion of the flow to keep the compressor away from its surge limit.

Unfortunately, compressing this extra flow creates a severe economic penalty. So the control system must be able to accurately determine how close the compressor is to its surge limit so it can maintain an adequate, but not excessive recycle flow rate.

In the Antisurge control, we not only detect surge event by measuring the flow, pressure, and temperature changes in the compressor stage. It also predict and prevent the surge event. The Antisurge Control algorithms employ a unique combination of accurate surge prediction and tailored control responses that protect your compressors with the smallest possible margin of safety. The bottom line is less wasteful recycling (or blow-off) without sacrificing complete protection of your turbomachinery.



Anti-surge control strategy:

  • Surge detection
  • Surge Prevention
  • Surge Control


The performance (process) control strategy provides precise and reliable capacity control of centrifugal and axial compressors. It improves process and compressor availability and reliability by limiting critical pressures, temperatures, speeds or other variables to avoid compressor trips due to overload, overspeed or high temperature.