Generator Excitation System


Wiith our partnering with Reivax, we are proud to offer the state-of-art excitation system for both new and retrofit market.

Reivax Excitation System - RTX Power

The RTX Power excitation system is compatible with all major generator OEMs, such as, GE, MHI, Fuji Electric, Westinghouse, Siemens, ABB, Alstom, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Allis Chalmers and etc.

The hardware and software of the system can be customized to meet specific functionality and can be scaled up to an output of 10,000 Adc.

Reivax powerful processor unit and open software architecture used in the RTX Power can also be scaled up to include more functionality, such as, governor control and a complete automation package for control / protection of the generator unit.


Experience of Reivax

Reivax has been supplying excitation systems to the power generation industry for 25 years and has currently more than 1,100 systems in operation.

Replacements include GE Alterex / Althyrex / Amplidyne, Westinghouse WTA / WMA / MGR, Allis Chalmers Regulex, and etc.


Standard Offers:


Control Hardware, the basic system offers including:

  • Voltage regulator (CPX) with an Automatic and a Manual channel;
  • Fast I/O interface (MultiCan) with 48 digital inputs, 24 digital outputs, 12 analog outputs, 8 analog inputs, 3 PT inputs and 3 CT inputs;
  • An air-cooled six (6) pulse thyristor bridge and a firing circuit (DPCan).
  • A user friendly graphical HMI touch screen (PAN);


Reliable and availability

  • Redundancy options at all areas
  • Redundant Voltage regulator (CPX)
  • Redundant I/O interface (MultiCan)
  • Redundant thyristor bridges
  • Redundant cooling fans for each thyristor bridge.
  • On-line maintenance can be performed on control & thyristor bridge.


Excitation Output 


Control & Protection Functionalities

  •  Automatic voltage regulation;
  •  Automatic var regulation;
  •  Automatic power factor regulation;
  •  Field current regulation;
  •  Differentiated settings for no load and loaded conditions;
  •  Time delay compensation of the brushless;
  •  Reactive compensation (kcr);
  •  Over excitation limiter – OEL;
  •  Under excitation limiter - UEL;
  •  Stator current limiter;
  •  Volts/hertz limiter;
  •  Softstart with adjustable rate;
  •  PSS (power system stabilizer) 2A IEEE model;
  •  Fast synchronization (using a 4 – 20 mA input);
  •  Limiters’s correction based on generator cold air temperature (PT100);


  •  Excitation command;
  •  De-excitation command;
  •  Increase internal reference command;
  •  Decrease internal reference command;
  •  Control selection – automatic;
  •  Control selection – manual;

Supervisions and failures

  •  Supervision of the voltage transduction;
  •  Supervision of the statoric current transduction;
  •  Supervision of the field current transduction;
  •  Excessive excitation time;
  •  Failure in the opening command of the field breaker;
  •  Failure in the shutdown command of the field breaker;
  •  Supervision of the driver´s temperature;