Wicket Gas Control Valve

We provide a complete range of the proven and reliable wicket gate control solutions, including of :

  • - Hydraulic Power Unit
  • - Manifold Control Block
  • - Distributor Valve
  • - Hydraulic Servomotor




We supply the HPU that is sized and customized according to the application it will be applied into. It operates on the hydraulic-oil pressure system providing:

  • Treatment: filtering and heat exchanging processes;
  • Supervision: pressure, temperature and level sensors;
  • Control: command logic made by the hydraulic control panel;
  • Generation and storage of oil-hydraulic energy.


Pilot Manifold Control Block

The manifold control block receives the electrical signal from the digital governor and provides oil-hydraulic energy to operate the turbine servomotors proportionally.
It is composed by one electric and one or two hydraulic piloted emergency valves, as well as one proportional valve with On Board Electronics.

Distributing Valve

VDX2500 Distributing Valve Features:

  • work temperature: 10ºC a 60°C
  • nominal flow (ΔpTOTAL = 10 bar): 2500 lpm
  • work pressure: 10 bar to 100 bar
  • internal leak (ISO VG 32): 0,250 lpm