Gas Turbine Control

Requirements for gas turbine control are numerous. They need a comprehensive understanding of the specific machine type.

Aeroderivative multi-shaft and heavy-duty frame machine are used in both compressor and generator applications.

These may be gas, liquid or dual fueled units together with water or steam injection  for power augmentation or NOx control.

We promote implementation of essential turbo-machinery controls on the highly available controller platform.

With using the Proven System Platform from Allen Bradley PLC, it can provides

  • Gas Turbine Fuel Control
  • Gas Turbine Sequencer 
  • 2-o-o-3 Overspeed Protection 

in one (1) integrated platform.

With choices of control configuration depends on operation criticalness:

  • Simplex,
  • Redundant
  • TMR 

With the field proven software, our control systems provide the protection for your systems without sacrificing any of your production requirements. It comes with an easy-to-use configuration with IEC-61131 programming language.

TECG is offering the high performance gas turbine Fuel + Sequencer control includings: 

  • Speed Reference Logic
  • Start Ramp and Start Control Logic
  • Speed Control of Gas Generator Shaft (GG)
  • Speed/Load Control of Power Turbine Shaft (PT)
  • CDP Limiting Control
  • EGT Limiting Control
  • Megawatt Limiting Control
  • Acceleration and Deceleration Control
  • Flameout Detection (both UV detectors and EGT temp sensing)
  • Emission control,and
  • Engine protection,
  • also integration with compressor or generator,

That are all control algorithm handled by the IEC 6-1131 logic based programs are run on the same platform in a multitasking environment.

At the same time, field instruments and fuel system upgrade are parts of our solution to improve the turbine system to better reliability, flexibility and efficiency to operate.

Field Intruments & Valve Upgrades

  • CDP (compressor Discharge Pressure
  • EGT (Exhaust Gas Turbine)
  • IGV (Inlet Guide Valve) 
  • Gas Metering and stop valve
  • Liquid Metering and stop valve