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TECG focus in power station aftersales services. We provide a comprehensive maintenance for power station and power generation, including of predictive services, preventive service, ad hoc field service, training, control upgrades, spares, service agreement.

 RETROFITS & UPGRADES: Power Generation Control & Protection 


TECG Control has stepped into the forefront of machineries control industry with the introduction of our latest line of control solutions.  Whether it is a turbine control, engine control, generator excitation system or a compressor anti-surge system,  our proven hardware and software that are tailored to your particular systemconstitute the control packages you need to meet you system requirements.

TECG Control is providing professional Protection System consultancy both for industries and utilities through our experienced engineers.


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Power System Protection Studies


VTScada removes frustration at every stage of the SCADA/HMI software life cycle; from pricing and licensing, to development and support.


The unique architecture integrates all core SCADA components into one easy-to-use package so you can start creating advanced monitoring and control systems in minutes.


30 years of innovation, one outstanding product.


Reivax RTX Power. Excitation System.

The RTX Power offers state-of-art equipment for both new and retrofit hydro, coal, nuclear or natural gas fired power plants. The hardware and software of the system can be customized to meet specific functionality and can be scaled up to an output of 10,000 Adc.

RVX Power - Speed Governor

The RVX Power offers state-of-art equipment for both new and retrofit hydro, power plants.

The RVX Power is also compatible with all major turbine OEMs and can be used on: Francis turbine, Kaplan turbine, Pelton turbine, bulb turbine and customized projects for special turbines.