Increase Availability and Reliability


TECG focus in power station aftersales services. We provide a comprehensive maintenance for power station and power generation, including of predictive services, preventive service, ad hoc field service, training, control upgrades, spares, service agreement.

UPGRADES & OPTIMIZE: Power Generation Control & Equipments  


TECG Control has been supporting the power station at this region.  Whether it is boiler optimization service,  turbine control, or generator excitation system,  our proven hardware, software and equipment that are tailored to your meet your need and system requirements.

TECG - Excitation System Replacement


Boiler Tube Leakage Early Detection System

Turbine Protection System Retrofit


Mark V iDos HMI Replacement


Remote Operation & Thin Client


UPGRADE your operation now. 

With the current travel restriction, the remote operationg and monitoring become the necessity to operate your plant. With the Industry 4.0 and better network coverage, we are moving ourselves from localized operation to remote. 




VTScada removes frustration at every stage of the SCADA/HMI software life cycle; from pricing and licensing, to development and support.


The unique architecture integrates all core SCADA components into one easy-to-use package so you can start creating advanced monitoring and control systems in minutes.


30 years of innovation, one outstanding product.


RTX - Generator Excitation System & AVR


We partner with REIVAX, offer the whole range of the excitation control and system for the your generator. 

from simple AVR to large hydro excitation system more than 10,000Amp. We have a solution for you. 

Furnace Exit Gas Temperature (FEGT) Monitoring



improved boiler performance and optimization with the INFRA-VIEW® boiler thermometer by fireside parameter monitoring and control - furnace exit gas temperature (FEGT) monitoring & furnace bed temperature monitoring. 

Combustion Condition Monitoring

Combustion Optimization – Combustion Condition Monitoring and Tuning 


Active monitoring the boiler flue gas condition at Economizer area can provide the insight of the combustion condition, it acts feedback of the combustion optimization tuning. 


Coal Flow Monitoring & Optimizing

Coal Flow Monitoring system & Balancing. 


The Dynamic Flow System is especially developed to measure pulverized coal distribution to each burner. This helps balance particulate coal amount in order to avert combustion issues caused by high LOI results. It can be easily integrated within a power plant’s DCS logic or can be the portable system for online turning. 


Boiler Tube Leakage Early Detection System


In the coal fired power station, it equip with large quantity of the boiler tube and the reliability requirements of them are operation critical. Once the boiler tube leaks, it will directly affect the safe and economic operation of the generator set.


Therefore, the prevention of boiler tube leakage and the early detection and treatment of leakage are becoming increasingly important for power generation companies.

Hydro Speed Governor

With our partnering with Reivax, we are proud to offer the state-of-art hydroelectric turbine speed governor system for all type applications, range from Francis turbine, Kaplan turbine, Pelton turbine, bulb turbine and customized projects for special turbines.

In addition, we also provide the complete servo actuation skid for the wicket gate control. 

Generator & Transformer Protection Relay

Protect the Critical Equipment

Protect the critical equipment from damage, failure and costly repairs, TECG Control are offering the SEL Generator Protection Relay (GPR) in our solution. Often the analog or analog mechanical protection relay has been obsolete or facing support issue. SEL-700G provides a complete protection and synchronization solution for synchronous generators.